Mowing & Maintenance

At Windmill Services, we offer professional lawn mowing and maintenance services for residential properties located in Columbia, SC and the northeastern metro area, such as Forest Acres and Elgin.

The primary service in our homeowner property maintenance package is lawn mowing. Being in a more mild climate, we typically mow from early March through the end of November, which comes out to 20-30 mows per year. What’s important to know is that regardless of the traditional growing season, we’ll be there to mow as many times as needed throughout the year.

Our maintenance packages include more than just mowing your yard. Our packages include standard services such as string-trimming around structures and obstacles, adding a sharp edge your lawn and finally clean-up and debris removal.

If you’re a homeowner in the Columbia, SC area, get in touch with us today at (803) 513-3662 or complete the online form for your free quote for our lawn mowing company.

freshly cut grass along street

Grounds maintenance for businesses and commercial properties.

We provide expert and consistent grounds maintenance services for businesses and commercial properties in Columbia, SC, and the surrounding metro area.

When your customers visit your business, you want to make sure they have a pleasant impression by keeping up the outside of the property. All grounds maintenance packages and proposals for commercial property is done on a case-by-case basis because every business is unique. Give us a call today at (803) 513-3662 to schedule a free consultation for your property.

Our commercial property maintenance packages can include many different services, such as:

  • Weekly or bi-weekly lawn mowing.
  • Clearing of trimmings, debris and any trash on property.
  • Edging against sidewalks, parking lot and entrance ways.
  • Trimming around trees, signage, building and other objects.
  • Landscape maintenance, such as plant/tree trimming, mulching, annual flower planting and more.

Our 6 Step Turf Program

Early Spring Treatment

(Feb 15 – Mar 30)

As your lawn awakens from a long winter, we apply a balanced fertilizer to revive a healthy green color as well as a crabgrass preventive and weed control if needed. This is one of the most important applications because preventing crabgrass is much easier than trying to eliminate it once it becomes established.
Late Spring Treatment

(Apr 1 – May 31)

When spring is in full bloom, we apply a slow-release fertilizer with iron to maintain a vibrant green color throughout the season. We also spot-spray any existing broadleaf weeds. Unlike other companies that blanket-spray your entire lawn with unnecessary pesticides, we only directly spray the weeds that are present.
Summer Treatment

(June 1 – July 15)*

As summer is starting to heat up, we apply a slow-release, well-balanced fertilizer with iron. This helps maintain good color during summer stresses like heat and drought. We also spot-spray for undesirable grassy weeds.
Grub Control Treatment

(June 1 – July 15)*

We apply a safe and effective grub control for season-long management.
Early Fall Treatment

(Sept 1 – Oct 15)

As summer comes to a close, we apply a well-balanced, slow-release fertilizer. Fertilizing at this time of year stimulates healthy root growth for a stronger turf and helps your lawn green up and recover from the summer stressors. We also spot-spray for broadleaf weeds at this time.
Late Fall Treatment

(Nov 1 – Nov 3)

Our final application for the year is a special winter fertilizer that slowly feeds your lawn throughout the late fall and early winter without forcing new growth. This late treatment supports early spring green up because it helps the roots store necessary nutrients over the winter. Lawns that do not receive a winter application take longer to green up in the spring.
Tree planted in yard


Windmill Services has been servicing the Columbia, Forest Acres, Elgin and surrounding South Carolina areas for the past 25 years. We will continue to deliver beautifully designed landscaping with professional installation to all of our commercial and residential customers for years to come.

What are the benefits of hiring a professional to install and maintain the landscaping at your home or business?

You are hiring Windmill Services for our professional skills and expertise in the industry.
We have all the tools, equipment and experienced employees needed to complete the job. We will assist you as the homeowner or business owner in picking out the best plants, trees, shrubbery, annuals and perennials that fit your landscaping design needs. As industry experts we will plan, design and get any required permits needed for the job that may include landscape lighting or irrigation services. If you're located in Columbia, SC, or the surrounding areas, give us a call today at (803) 513-3662 or complete our online form to get a free estimate for your landscaping project.

What residential and commercial landscaping services do we provide?

All of our landscaping jobs are professionally designed keeping the customer’s request as priority number one. Our landscaping projects can be simple or complex.
Our landscaping projects can be as simple as planting annuals at a residential property or as complex as doing a complete landscaping re-design and install at a large commercial property. We are a full service landscaping company our services include:
  • Commercial Lawn Care & Landscaping Maintenance Packages
  • Residential Lawn Care & Landscaping Maintenance Packages
  • Full Landscape Design & Installation
  • Lawn Aeration
  • Hardscapes
  • Retaining Walls
  • Patio Pavers
  • Shrub and Tree Planting
  • Irrigation Installs and Repairs
  • Outdoor Landscape Lighting
  • Mulch, Rock and Ground Coverings
  • Trimming and Pruning of Shrubs and Small Trees

Irrigation Installation & Repairs

Many home and business owners in Columbia, Forest Acres, Elgin and other nearby South Carolina areas desire a lush, healthy and green lawn and landscape. To achieve that goal a consistent watering schedule will be needed. Our clients do not want, or have time, to set up a manual sprinkler system to hydrate their lawns and landscaping. Windmill Services offers customized irrigation systems to provide adequate water to your lawn, shrubs, trees and flowers for healthy growth.

Sprinklers watering a public garden

Why do you need an irrigation system?

Having an irrigation system can save you money by properly watering your lawn with the appropriate amount of water.
When manually watering your lawn it can be inconsistent, meaning some parts of the lawn do not receive adequate water while others are over watered. Using an irrigation system vs. manual watering will reduce your water usage and insure proper watering.

When we install new landscaping or sod, you want to protect that investment with proper watering so it can continue healthy growth. Installing a new irrigation system or maintaining your current one will keep your lawn and landscaping properly watered, healthy and strong.

Maintenance and repair of your irrigation system

We provide expert and consistent grounds maintenance services for businesses and commercial properties in Columbia, SC, and the surrounding metro area.
There are many different components in an irrigation system that must be maintained and repaired. A standard irrigation system includes:
  • The Controller: This is the component that controls the system turning it on and off, based on the scheduled time and duration.
  • Heads: These are what you actually see that spray your lawn and landscaping.
  • Valves: These open and close to control the supply of water to each zone.
  • Zone Lines: This is the pipe that connects each zone to the main line.
  • Sprinkler Zone: Irrigation systems have several zones each zone has several sprinkler heads for full coverage of that zone.
  • Main Line: This is the main pipe that delivers water to the rest of the irrigation system.
  • Backflow Preventer: This keeps water from flowing back into the municipal water supply.
  • Shutoff Valve: This is used to shut off the water supply if a water line were to break.
When you hire Windmill Services for lawn and landscaping services, we highly recommend installing an irrigation system if you don't have one, or ensuring your existing one is working properly. We want your new lawn and landscaping to thrive and your irrigation system is a big part of that.
Sod laid onto dirt

Sod Installation & Replacement

When the lawn at your home or business hasn’t been cared for properly sometimes it just needs to be replaced with new sod. Sod is grass that has been planted and then the grass, roots and a portion of dirt is removed, then re-laid at your home or business. Sod is used to help establish a new lawn quickly, where growing a lawn with seed is a much longer process.

The most popular sod choices for South Carolina.

Read below what the most used sod in South Carolina is.
  • Palmetto St. Augustine: This grass has a coarse texture, grows quickly and is a good choice for a new lawn in South Carolina.
  • Palisades Zoysia: Darker green in color with a medium texture that is shade tolerant and has low water usage requirements. This is a great choice for residential or commercial properties.
  • Royal Zoysia: Beautiful green color with fine texture, this sod is slower growing, grows well in full shaded areas, but will also grow in partially shaded areas.
  • Bermuda: Has a fine texture with a deep root system this warm season sod likes full sun and is tolerant to heat. Great for high traffic areas.
  • Centipede: Is a turf grass that doesn’t need a lot of maintenance or fertilization and is a great choice for residential lawns.

How to care for your sod.

Your new sod will be watered thoroughly immediately after we install it.
You should water your sod everyday, or every other day, dependent upon the weather. You want to keep the sod and the surface of the soil moist until the sod takes root, approximately one to three weeks depending on the sod type and weather conditions. You should stay off your new sod for the first 2-3 weeks. Once your sod is fully rooted after 2-3 weeks, you can then begin to mow your new lawn. To maintain your new lawn after it has rooted, you should water regularly, fertilize, treat for weeds and treat for pests. This simple maintenance will keep your lawn green and healthy.

Call us today to have your lawn replaced at your home or commercial property, (803) 513-3662.

Outdoor Lighting Service

At Windmill Services, we’ve installed many outdoor lighting systems for homes and businesses in Columbia, SC and the surrounding areas. When you add outdoor lighting to your property, you add a feeling of luxury and majorly enhance your property’s aesthetic appearance at night. When looking at outdoor lighting for your property, think about the areas you’d like to see lit up. We can apply different types of lighting to different elements such as:
Night time view of Green Hill Parish Sign

We use only professional-grade lighting systems.

When we do an outdoor lighting install at your property, we use only the best lighting systems.
Our lighting systems are powered with Vista Professional Outdoor Lighting, a premiere outdoor lighting manufacturer since 1985. Because everyone has different needs, the lights we use for your project are chosen specifically for your property. We'll choose the correct lighting to ensure we're maximizing use and efficiency, while meeting your requirements. A few of the lighting techniques we use include:
  • Up-Lighting: Often referred to as, accent lighting, is where we use low voltage lighting strategically placed on the ground to light up an element, like a tree.
  • Down-Lighting: Just like it sounds, lighting that shines down from above and is primarily used to highlight large areas or large hardscape elements.
  • Spotlighting: Used when we want to highlight a focal point or main object on your property/landscape.
  • Pathlighting: A well known type of lighting that uses many lights along an entire walkway, pathway or driveway.
If you're located in Columbia, SC or other nearby area, just give us a call at (803) 513-3662 for your free outdoor lighting estimate!